Winners Named in Annual Cursive Writing Contest

May 9, 2022 - The Comal Independent School District announced the winners of its annual Third Grade Cursive Writing Contest last week, surprising seven young writers on their campuses with the awards.

The contest, titled “Capturing Comal in Cursive,” challenges students in the third grade throughout the district to write a descriptive paragraph about one aspect of their community which they wish to share with others. They choose from the following areas: an interesting aspect of their community, a local tradition, a distinctive animal or one of the area’s natural resources.

The entries are handwritten in cursive on official contest submission forms which are then submitted to a panel of judges who choose a grand prize winner along with top place winners in five categories.

This year’s Grand Prize Author is Ellie Sotelo from Rahe Bulverde Elementary School who wrote, ‘Amazing Creatures,’ explaining, “A horse’s cantering hooves kick up dust. As I watch the amazing creature fly across the field like a bird, I wonder how much weight its strong, slender body can carry.”

The Most Creative award winner is Salma Rosas, also from BBES who wrote about deer. “Every day I leave or come home I see at least one deer. Deer are very cute but can leave a mess behind. Fun Fact: Deer poo looks like beans so make sure your kid doesn’t eat it!”

The Best Word Choice winner is Emily Crick from BBES, writing, “Plants are also very useful because plants give you delicious and healthy food such as crunchy carrots, juicy apples, and yummy pears.”

The Most Content Knowledge award winner is Robert Stuart from BBES wrote, “Dio de los Muertos is a festival in the Hispanic culture. It is held in downtown New Braunfels.”

The Best Sensory Details award winner is Merit Snow from Rahe Bulverde Elementary who wrote about, “Tejas Rodeo,” saying, “Every time I walk into Tejas Rodeo I smell the delicious food from the grill.”

The Best Penmanship award winner is Jenna Gossett from RBES writing, “I have gone to the Guadalupe River a lot and when I go there I see trees, flowers and rocks surrounding the river.”

Copies of the winning entries have been framed and are on display at Comal ISD’s Support Services Office where  the Board of Trustees recognized their achievement during the April board meeting. 





-Four students from Bill Brown Elementary School were among the winners of this year’s Third Grade Cursive Writing Contest. Pictured front row from left is teacher Ashley Carden, student Salma Rosas, student Emily Crick, student Robert Stuart, teacher Michelle Stohler and a district curriculum coordinator Maria Symon. Pictured back row from left is the district’s director of elementary curriculum Amy Malone, curriculum coordinator Stephanie Mosher, BBES principal Ashley Jackson, BBES assistant principal Kellie Williams, BBES administrator Christi Hinkebein and instructional coach Michel Como.

-Three students from Rahe Bulverde Elementary were among the winners of this year’s Third Grade Cursive Writing Contest. The winners are pictured in the front row from left is Jenna Gossett, Ellie Sotelo and Merit Snow. Pictured in the back row from left is a district curriculum coordinator Stephanie Mosher, RBES curriculum coach Pamela Blair, teacher Claudia Saucedo, teacher Margie Turner, RBES principal Sunshine Barker and a district curriculum coordinator Maria Symon.



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