Comal ISD Celebrates School Lunch Hero Day

In the last five weeks, the Comal Independent School District’s child nutrition staff has served 121,518 meals at 10 locations. As public schools remain closed due to COVID-19, these school cafeteria and nutrition workers continue to serve breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday to students in need.

Today marks the annual School Lunch Hero Day, a national program which recognizes school nutrition professionals for the work they do to ensure students across the country are well-fed every day. This year, more than ever, their efforts should be celebrated.

When schools are closed, millions of children who rely on school nutrition programs could be left without food. According to No Kid Hungry, one of six children in the United States lives with hunger, and six in seven hungry children do not have access to adequate meals when school is not in session.

This is why these ‘lunch ladies and men’ are part of the essential frontline workers who are making a difference in the lives of so many in their communities during this challenging time.

Comal ISD would like to thank each of its child nutrition professionals for what they do on a daily basis, but especially for their work during this time, and a special thank you to the managers and heroes at the 10 emergency sites. 

  • Bill Brown Elementary – Manager Rodney Bradly, Susan Padon, Jennifer Sanchea and Rebecca Coventry
  • Clear Springs Elementary - Alisha Giles, Malou Zikos, Janie Gomez and Annabelle Garcia
  • Freiheit Elementary – Jamie Silva, Priscilla Dowlen Angelicia Cueva and Sally Shannon
  • Goodwin Frazier Elementary – Manager Jessica Boone, Cristina Lagunas, Donna Hernandez, Sandra Mata and Junaita Marroquin
  • Kinder Ranch Elementary – Manager Rosalinda Martinez, Ellen Garcez, Delia Vasquez, Liz Parker and Mina Connolly
  • Mountain Valley Elementary – Manager Letty Mata, Cynthia Peters, Ana Avila and Tammie Job
  • Morningside Elementary – Jackie Enriquez, Pola Valdes, Rachel Hernandez and Sharon Ahren
  • Rebecca Creek Elementary – Manager Janice Mitchell, Shelley Ruiz, Maria Sosa and Maria Casas
  • Specht Elementary – Manager Kelly Holling, Sonia Diaz, Angela Lewis and Aiyana Kopplinger
  • Startzville Elementary - Manager Ciria Kitzel, Cynthia Coonrad and Donna Hales  


Thank you for all you do!

-Come rain or shine - proof that nothing stops this hard-working crew at Kinder Ranch Elementary.

-The child nutrition professionals at Comal ISD are super heroes Monday through Friday as they continue to serve breakfast and lunch to students in need. Pictured from left is Kelly Holling, Cassie Carter, Kelly McLaughlin, Sonia Diaz, Jessica Montoya and Kurtus Parrish.

-Melissa Prieto and Jessica Koepp serve meals at Freiheit Elementary School in the Comal Independent School District during the school closure.

-Goodwin Frazier Elementary crew.



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