MVMS End-of-Year Closeout

This week, our campus will be preparing for you to pick up your child’s personal items. To ensure that all of your child’s items are returned, please look for and respond to any communication from your teacher, coach, or director of any special program regarding items that need to be picked up. Please take a moment to review the important information below related to our campus procedures:

Pickup Day and Time for MVMS

  • Our pickup day will be on May 4 and May 11 from 8:00 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  • We anticipate that early morning and late afternoon will be the peak busiest times. Please try to come during the off-peak times if your schedule allows it.
  • If you have a high school student also, please consider picking up their items on the same day you pick up your middle school items.

Traffic Flow

  • Attached to this email is a map of how traffic will flow. Please follow the signs that indicate where items will be picked up.
  • Please follow the directional signs that will be posted on campus.

Before you leave the house:

  • Bag district-issued items for return that are not needed for the RLP by program (academic, band, athletics, art, etc.) Label the outside of the bag with your student’s first and last name and ID#. Please do not put library books in the bag. You will see a library drop-box as you enter the front drive of the school.
  • Clear a space in the trunk or back seat where you will want your pick-up items placed; place drop-off bag in the same location.
  • Create a window sign with your student(s) name and grade level(s). The sign needs to be visible from a distance; use a dark colored marker.
  • Limit the number of people in the vehicle.

When you arrive at the campus:

  • Place paper on the windshield with student(s) name and grade level; follow traffic flow.
  • Keep windows rolled up; do not exit the vehicle at any time.
  • Open trunk or unlock back door.
  • If needed, stop at drop off stations (band, athletics, etc.) to return campus items and/or at nurse’s station to receive medications.

Medication Pick Up:

  • Nurses will be contacting parents over the next week if there are medications that need to be picked up.
  • If an alternate person is going to pick up meds, that person should present a signed letter from the parent or guardian or communicate with the campus nurse prior to the scheduled pick up day
  • IDs will be checked, so be prepared to show through the car window.
  • Some medications will need to be signed for when picked up.
  • Turn off air conditioner when medications are being handed into the vehicle.